Aquelespaço – Health Clinic

Consultations and Treatments


It is an ancient therapy that originated in China and consists of applying needles to specific points on the body to treat illnesses and promote health.

Social Welfare

Social Assistance consultations serve a variety of needs, from support in institutionalisation processes in homes or foster care services, guidance on the Carer's Statute, to critical situations involving children. In addition, they offer support in matters relating to social benefits and consultancy in various areas of social assistance.


As part of Pain Medicine consultations, Auriculotherapy is a technique similar to acupuncture, which consists of applying pressure to specific points on the ear. These treatments have shown promising results in controlling both chronic and acute pain.

Vascular Surgery and Varicose Veins

Speciality consultations for the treatment of Chronic Venous Disease (varicose veins), Peripheral Arterial Disease, Aneurysmal Disease, Lymphatic System and Carotid Disease, with specialised guidance and treatments to guarantee the vascular health of their patients.


Nursing services, which in addition to the usual treatments such as changing dressings, administering injections, among others, also include taking blood for clinical analyses.


It is the service provided by physiotherapists to individuals and populations in order to develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and functional capacity throughout life.


It's a great tool to help make the part of the mind often referred to as the unconscious more attentive and to bring out each person's inner therapeutic resources.

Hypnotherapy is therefore a modified state of consciousness that allows a person's attention and concentration to be directed intensely towards one subject or another. From this perspective, it is a form of communication that leads the individual to think about themselves and for themselves. The perception of everything outside the focus of attention diminishes considerably and even the notion of time can be modified.


It is a technical speciality that assesses and defines the best diet for the treatment and prevention of various diseases.


Osteopathy studies movement dysfunctions at the neuro-musculo-skeletal, visceral and cranial levels and seeks, through exclusively manual techniques, to eliminate pain and promote balance in the human body, restoring normal movement, position and vascularisation.


Podiatry is a health science that analyses and investigates the lower limb and aims to diagnose and treat pathologies affecting the foot and their consequences for the human body.


Psychology is the science that studies behaviour, mental processes and the relationship between them in the whole area that includes observable behaviour (running, walking, talking, etc.) as well as non-observable behaviour (thinking, emotions, etc.).

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy works in the prevention, assessment, intervention and scientific study of human communication disorders, encompassing not only all the functions associated with understanding and expressing oral and written language, but also other forms of non-verbal communication. In addition to these areas, it also intervenes in swallowing (the safe passage of food and drink through the oropharynx in order to guarantee adequate nutrition).